outdoor adventures for women

Our Approach

2 Women * 2 Friends *  Ready for Adventure and to Inspire other Women to Join Along!

We are a women owned company that offers exclusive outdoor adventures for women.  We encourage and provide outdoor adventures for women anywhere in the United States from Backpacking, Camping, Kayaking, Day Hike Adventure trips and more!  Whether you are new to the outdoors, want to see some exciting spots and challenge yourself or looking for a way to meet other adventure enthusiasts, we can plan and customize your adventure.

Our Story

Mary Howze & Amanda Haley live in Arkansas but home is anywhere in nature!  We both met working in a tourism based town where hospitality and the outdoors went hand in hand.  We started out planning and organizing backpacking trips for our friends each year and saw the need to offer our love and passion for the outdoors to other women who may not have the time or knowledge to plan an outdoor adventure trip.  We both work full time jobs so we understand the busy lifestyle women take on with their jobs and families and want to encourage and inspire more women to get outdoors in a fun, safe and affordable way!

First Aid Wilderness Certified

“You choose the adventure. We guide it.”

Contact us for your Outdoor Adventure: outdooradventuresforwomen@gmail.com

outdoor adventures for women